Hi! I'm Chloe, the digital wizard behind The Digital Wizardry.

I help business owners build effective, user friendly online presences so you can bring in more revenue, diversify your income streams (ie. have more long term stability), and have greater freedom in your business (and therefore life). How? Through well-built websites and tech setups.

There are lots of things I can do for you.

We not only build and audit websites but also provide consulting services for businesses who want to have someone answer their questions, troubleshoot problems they’re having, or check they are making the right choices. If it’s related to business online we can do it or point you in the right direction. Interested in hearing more about our services? Check out our services page by clicking here.

Kind Words

"Thankyou for updating my website, making it more responsible and easier for me to adapt myself. The way you understood what I wanted, clarified and communicated was so helpful and your teaching has been supportive and clear - I can now do what I didn’t think I could!"
Miranda Stephens
Mindfulness Programs Australasia
Tasmanian web developer typing