It’s July. It sure doesn’t feel like it. A part of me is still stuck back on March 18th when Scomo said: “This is a once in a hundred year type event.” and then proceeded to shut Australian down over the next few days and weeks. 


The word of the year. 

Covid has informed how we’ve operated, survived, and for some of us, thrived. We’ve pivoted (or at least I sure hope you have) and we’ve gone from living one way to adapting to new lifestyles and routines. 

As far as my business goes, I’ve created new products, served new markets, and completely changed my content. Pre-Covid (yeah, that’s a time period now) I was saying things like “Most businesses would benefit from having an online presence”. These days (I typed post-covid then deleted it because we sure as hell aren’t post-covid yet), I say “If your business doesn’t have an online presence you’re bat-s**t crazy”. 

You can’t survive offline anymore. 

That’s meant my goals for the year have changed. Instead of trying to reach a certain sales mark in one-to-one services, I’m focusing on my one-to-many products. Not only does it allow me to serve more of the people who are in my DMs, inbox, and FB messages, but it also means they can take control (which is something lacking at this covid moment) and, as a bonus, it’s cheaper for business owners. 

My business goals for the July quarter are to grow my funnel, email list, and to grow on youtube. Specifically:

  1. I will launch the product I have in the works. 
  2. I will add another 1500 people to my email list in the next 3 months. 
  3. I will post weekly on youtube and hit 200 subscribers (nothing in influencer terms, but still something in biz terms). 

Why do they matter to you though? Because my goals are to help more business owners succeed online. To help you succeed online by seeing more stability and more revenue. All that will be done through the products I have now (that you should have too) and through the things and content coming. 

My biggest goals though? 

  1. Read a book a fortnight that improves me as a person. Many of them will be written by indigenous authors so I can be better educated about my own damn history. 
  2. Stay sane.

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