Note: in this article, we use the terms web developer, web designer, and agency to all mean the same thing.

Are you thinking about starting a business or have a business and need a website? Then you’ll be wondering exactly what you should know before you hire someone to build a website for you (or read this article first if you don’t know if you should hire someone). That’s exactly what I’ll be covering today and giving you some tips so that you are prepared and can make sure the process is as valuable and profitable as possible. 

1. Web developers are not copywriters or photographers

Many business owners will think I web developer or agency will be providing everything for the website as Wellers building the design. This is not true as web developers and agencies are not necessarily also copy writers and photographers. Expect to have to provide the text and photographs for your website. I strongly recommend gathering this information before you start your website project so you can speed up the process and provide your web developer with more information so they provide you with a better design.

2. A good website needs to consider effective marketing strategies

This is a hard point for you to determine yourself but I went to developer should be including effective marketing strategies when planning and building your website. If they are not incorporating marketing strategies into the design you’ll find your website is less affective and does not convert your audience as well. A good web designer will be able to make your website look pretty and is easily usable. A great website designer will help bring more revenue into your business through effective marketing and design.

3. Price doesn’t always directly correlate to value

Not all web developers are created equal and not all web developers charge the same price. In fact, you’ll find prices differ widely between development companies. however, some companies will charge less because they charge higher fees on going, some companies charge less because they intentionally do not include certain things so you are required to pay more later on, some companies charge higher prices because they know they can to address a need, and some great web developers will charge reasonable prices because they like to serve. There is no price or price range that determines a great web developer. Generally, the higher the price the better service you can expect. However, this is certainly not always the case and you should shop around for multiple quotes before committing to one. Wondering whether you’ve gotten a quote that is going to rip you off? Join our free Facebook group to get advice: LINK TO GROUP

4. A good website will not be built overnight

Although my signature program proves that building a website in a single day is possible, this is not always true. As outsourced websites generally require much more work and collaboration, they will take longer. Plus, a web agency may do more than you would DIYing it. Is all of that necessary? Not at all for many new or small businesses. However, for some who have high traffic and are looking for better conversions, it will be. 

5. Know what is included in the longer term

Just as not all web developers are created equal, neither are the quotes you’ll get to have your site built. some companies will include ongoing costs in the upfront cost all of us won’t. Particularly look out for whether or not the quote includes the cost of your domain name, hosting, security, and ongoing support. If the company is not willing to provide ongoing support carefully consider whether or not you are comfortable in finding another web developer should you need to do so. Keep in mind, websites need to be updated regularly to stay compliant and secure. 

6. Make sure you keep ownership of your website

Some web developers will charge you thousands to build a website and then will retain ownership of that website. This sort of agreement is much more like a rental agreement then a purchase and can mean when you want to move away from that web developer and do things differently you’ll find you have no asset to your business name. Make sure you ask the web developer or agency whether you retain ownership or they do and who owns the copyright. These things should also be in your contract. If you’re not being given a contract, this is a red flag.  

All of these things considered, building a website can mean building an incredibly valuable asset for your business and can mean longer term sustainability. Do your research and consider several options when building your business website.

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